Discovery Nusantara Capital is an early stage technology venture fund focusing on internet startups investment in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The fund is led by Irene Umar as the Managing Partner and Felix Zhang as the lead advisor. Together, they are committed to join forces to support poignant and dynamic startups not only in Indonesia, but also throughout Southeast Asia.


In our initial years, our main focus will be on the gaming industry – but at the same time, we are also open to investment in other supporting sectors. We hope to reinforce the importance of a strong and solid ecosystem within the gaming industry by investing in various companies within the value chain.


“Investment” in our term is not only limited to funding, but what more important is to bring in our combined international experiences, expertise and network into Indonesia. We strongly believe that being a great VC goes well beyond smart monetary investment decisions; it means contributing our operational knowledge, resources, and network to bring our portfolio companies reach their maximum potential in the global market.